Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Carding cashmere.

Today I have been alone for most of the day (apart from the animals) this is a very rare occasion and I have had a lovely day, just doing what came to mind.

We have had showers on and off so I decided to potter off to the local weekly market to pick up some bread and some fruit, by the time I arrived home, the sun had popped its head out so I made myself a bread and cheese lunch and sat outside, admiring my flower pots that I did yesterday. Actually they didnt look that good, as the rain had flattened them and they looked a little sorry for themselves, hence no pics.
I then went to make up the beds for my son, wife and grandson, who are arriving tomorrow from England. 
I am really happy as I havent seen them for over a year and I know that Ryan my 12 year old grand-son is taller than me now. Danielle my grand-daughter is not able to make it, as she has an exhibition next week at Uni I shall miss her, but will be lovely to see the others.

This afternoon I thought I had better make a start on carding my goats wool, I have two years worth of Cashmere and I am ashamed of myself for not doing it sooner.I thoroughly enjoyed it, fibres and spinning are so theraputic, and I love the smell. I thought I would card the whole lot, then it would be ready to spin when can.
 It was a little rough with little bits of hay in, but I quite like that effect. I also ended up smelling a bit 'goatie'  too, so earthy, I love it. 
 I dont know why, but I enjoy spinning wool when it's dirty and after when its in a hank I wash it gently a few times and that is when the suprise comes, lovely clean wool, all ready to make ???????

What shall I make? 


  1. A rural idyl - do you dye the wool as well?

  2. Love when my Cashmere blow and life is full of this amazing fiber. You had a blessed and peaceful day. Great to read.