Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dont hide your light under a bushel

I often wonder if I'm too open, I usually tell everyone about myself and the things I do, I somehow have no fear in doing this. But thinking about it I suppose it can be quite uncomfortable for someone that finds it difficult to share.
I have often thought about the quote from the Bible, 'Dont hide your light under a bushel',
I think a bushel is a basket.
So, I'm not going to change the way I am, because I seem to relate better with people who are free in their sharing much more than those that don't share readily.

During my years of being creative Ive met a lot of people that are so afraid of sharing ideas, methods, how they got to be successful, and have also met the kind of person that loves to share what they have done and how they have reached success and have given their ideas freely.

I've recently discovered a blog by an artist called Julia Crossland, apart from her really good blog, she has written a small book 'Being Creative' that is free and another excellent E-book, called Bloom, which you pay a very very small amount for. Bloom is so full of encouragement and inspirational ideas that will lead a person back onto their creative track in no time.(especially if you've back slidden a little)

Julia is very liberated in sharing her inspiration
and experiences with us, I recommend any creative person to read this. Im sure you will be encouraged.

I'm really enjoying using the book I take a look at it whenever I feel a bit flat or stuck with my work.

In her book, one of the ideas was to make a place to work, ( simple but a necessary idea,) eg. a desk, table etc. so last week I purchased an old desk for 20euros and treated it with woodworm killer, sanded and painted it.Even though the space is small, I've used it daily.
I also found the idea of my own space in the house and the painting of this old desk quite exciting, and now in my bedroom, I have a work place of my own, that I can go to whenever I want to.

So each day I've been practicing my watercolour painting, which is getting much better. (well I'm trying)

I really believe that when we share our experiences, inspirations and ideas with others, and don't hide our light under a bushel, we can be the ones that benefit from it, this can sow the seed for us to BLOOM, which then leads to our success. Do take a look at Bloom, its well worth it, especially if you want to get back on track or need a little shove occasionally.


  1. Thanks for this tip. I follow Julia, but had not spotted her book.

    I know what it is like. I quite often get blocked - life gets in the way and clutters up the creativity. So I'll have a look at this.

  2. For the past 4 months I have not been hidding my light but wondering if any see's it... I will check out your suggestion on the book but also does she have a blog??? I love your desk and I am sure it is pure joy to paint there.
    Shine on.

  3. You have made the desk look lovely Janet. I hope it gives you many hours of creativity, inspiration and pleasure. I think I have finally managed to work out how to post a comment! x