Friday, 16 March 2012

Willow sculptures

Please dont laugh or think that I'm fickle but I recently had this idea that I would like to make some animal sculptures for the garden, so I spent a long day cutting and preparing willow from a friends garden. My young grand daughter Elenia, arrived when I was all inspired and keen to begin making, so we decided to do it together.
She wanted to make a bird house, well, I thought it was going to be quite easy but I had big problems getting it going, it just kept falling apart, I think its because we were laughing so much.
My first idea was, that my sculpture was going to be of a goat, but after a while it somehow started to look more like a chicken or a even a duck,Im sure I dont know where the goat went.
Anyway,Ive now gone off that idea, I may try to make a basket, or even easier, a wreath, I reckon that am I a little fickle, or even slightly mad. But had great fun trying.

Im of to England tomorrow so I may not be able to blog so easily, have a good weekend and will be back in a week. bye


  1. No Harm In Trying!!! I love the idea and I know how hard to is to make those - you are braver then I... Have a nice trip.

  2. You sometimes have to try these things and anyway I like the efforts you have made!

  3. Hi! That's wonderful and great idea! In the first photo I think it could be a cat who is half sleeping and enjoying the sunny spot in the garden! Continue - I want to see your sculptures!
    Wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete! x Teje

    1. Hi how nice that you visited my blog, thank you, as you can see by my blog I love to do different things and I havent ever done patchwork, many years ago I bought lots of Laura Ashley squares and they were so beautiful, I never ever got round to making anything, here in Italy I havent found many beautiful fabrics, but maybe I havent been looking too hard.I have a little feeling arisingmwithin me that I must do some patchwork, so watch my space. Lovely to meet you.