Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thermal bath again

Still trying to catch up with myself (the story of my life) but its good, I just dont get time to do much creative stuff this time of the year and feel that something is missing in my daily routine, but there will be more time later in the year.
We have been sorting out our winter things in the house, picking up rugs and putting them away for next year  painting walls and ceilings as they were so black with soot from the fires also due to the fact that I havent used the duster very much. I hope we can muster up the enthusiasm to start on our bedroom this week, my pet hate is change over of the wardrobe here, I still seem to hang on to the things that I didnt wear this year, yes I know what they say, if you didnt wear it this year throw it, but that isnt true for me, I often find something that I loved years ago and want to wear it. But its coming on gradually

.On Friday we went to a hot therme with some friends, I really needed it as my back and hips have been giving me gip for a couple of weeks now. It was rather posh, called the Therme di Papa, it was a famous therme for the past Popes even Michealangelo went there some times. There was very hot water pumping out of the wall into a very large pool, at one end it was hot and cooler at the deep end, many people go there after operations etc. one can have massages, there were spas  and lots of sunning areas, we took a packed lunch and spent thhe whole day there, I had the most wonderful sleep that night.

The goats need to be walked daily as a wild boar has broken the fence in the extra paddock and we havent had time to buy new fencing yet.

                                                                                   This weekend my husband has been asked to be a
judge at a big music competition for young people, last night we went and it was brilliant to see young people taking part, playing their instruments in groups and solo, singing and playing with so much confidence to a large audience. The Finals are this evening where several schools of music come together, it's being held in a big new theatre near the sea, so it should be good. Im looking forward to it.
I forgot too that we went to dinner at a friends house that looks right over the lake, this photo was taken from her window, you can see the rooftops in the photograph, what a wonderful view to see every time you open the window.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Carding cashmere.

Today I have been alone for most of the day (apart from the animals) this is a very rare occasion and I have had a lovely day, just doing what came to mind.

We have had showers on and off so I decided to potter off to the local weekly market to pick up some bread and some fruit, by the time I arrived home, the sun had popped its head out so I made myself a bread and cheese lunch and sat outside, admiring my flower pots that I did yesterday. Actually they didnt look that good, as the rain had flattened them and they looked a little sorry for themselves, hence no pics.
I then went to make up the beds for my son, wife and grandson, who are arriving tomorrow from England. 
I am really happy as I havent seen them for over a year and I know that Ryan my 12 year old grand-son is taller than me now. Danielle my grand-daughter is not able to make it, as she has an exhibition next week at Uni I shall miss her, but will be lovely to see the others.

This afternoon I thought I had better make a start on carding my goats wool, I have two years worth of Cashmere and I am ashamed of myself for not doing it sooner.I thoroughly enjoyed it, fibres and spinning are so theraputic, and I love the smell. I thought I would card the whole lot, then it would be ready to spin when can.
 It was a little rough with little bits of hay in, but I quite like that effect. I also ended up smelling a bit 'goatie'  too, so earthy, I love it. 
 I dont know why, but I enjoy spinning wool when it's dirty and after when its in a hank I wash it gently a few times and that is when the suprise comes, lovely clean wool, all ready to make ???????

What shall I make? 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Everything is growing so fast

We had a busy weekend planting and tidying up the garden,we are continuously planting our vegetables which I hope takes us through to the winter months.
My herbs have shot up so tall this year.

 Recently our big tractor broke and we have had to sell it really cheaply because it would have cost 4000 euros to fix it, so now we are going to pay someone to cut the grass in the field whenever it needs it. But at the moment the grass is growing so quickly, we like to keep it fairly short because of the snakes.

The grass was cut last week and is laying on the ground it looks pretty awful, I love to see the long grasses and wild flowers, but I suppose our and the animals safety comes first.

I could hardly see my wool studio because the grass was so tall so I do hope nothing has slithered in there, it really needs a good tidying out.

 Today we went out for lunch to a lovely restaurant in the Etruscan settlement of Vulci, before we went in we had a short walk by the little castle and the very old Roman bridge,  the sun was shining but there was a cool breeze blowing in from the sea, I forgot to take my camera as usual.

I cant wait to get back into my painting again but need to pursue the outside work while the going is good, I have now finished combing the goats wool had a good batch, trimmed their hooves,oiled their horns, but I'm not as strong or young as I used to be and was absolutely 'done for' when I'd finished.
 Im off now for a long soak before I catch up with some letter writing that I am so behind with.

Friday, 17 May 2013

A good day for blogging

I'm not making any excuses for not blogging for a while, I must have had bloggers block or I didnt have much to say.

We had a great evening yesterday, one of our friends has a very large piece of land that he is going to build a hotel on, it's in an area where there are lots of natural hot thermal springs,  and we were invited with some other friends to use the man made pool but with natural hot water.

 It was amazing, when we arrived in this beautiful field full of asparagus, which grows in abundance on the warm land and poppies, we drove for about 2 kilometers and behind a clump of trees was this quite ugly concrete crater, about 10 deep and 25 across, after turning on electric, pumps etc, the hot water came gushing out so fast and within minutes it was half full. and lost its ugliness. and when we climbed into the water it was wonderful, there was a slight smell of sulphur but not too bad, the temperature must have been around 35 degrees, so lovely for your aches and pains, so after a good soak and swim we dried ourselves off in the breeze and sun, donned on our dressing gowns, then got down to a fantastic picnic of samosas, chicken, eggs, salads and wine.                                                                                                                                                    

We stayed until the sun started to set, after just pulling out a plastic plug where the water returned to its natural resource.
Did I sleep well? Yes I certainly did.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A little depressing blog

It seems every time I start to post at the moment something happens, like the telephone rings, the dog wants a walk, etc. etc. Its been almost a month since I last wrote, and I dont really have that much exciting stuff to share with you.
The last few weeks have been very trying for me, apart from the winter blues, I have had a load of tests at the hospital which seem to take forever and we have to drive a long way, so it is like the whole days being wasted. The positive thing is, that the hospitals are fantastic here in Italy,so thorough, so I should be thankful that I am being very well cared for.

 We both had influenza which I got over fairly quickly but I have feltso tired the whole of February a little weepy and havent been sleeping terribly well, I just cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive although we had a beautiful sunny weekend we decided to have a cookout which was fun, and so nice to be outside. My Mimosa tree is now in full blossom too, such a sunny yellow.

My husband went off to Giglio a couple of weekend ago to help a friend do some work, Giglio is the island where the ship sank some time ago, he said that the ship is just about 15 metres from the land, and it was awful that lots of people catch the ferry daily just to look and take photographs of the overturned ship, it's like taking photographs of a car crash isnt it?  He said the island was very pretty with lovely views and so small but tragic, the people that live there have to look at it daily. There are 400 divers and expert worker that have been brought in to try to refloat or dismantle it. 

My goats are a very frisky at the moment, they go a little mad when they see me, charging round the field at 100 miles an hour, I have to carry a little stick because Picasso keep rearing up at me and if he gets too close tries to hook me with his horns, I do hope this will pass with the spring as I cant say Im really enjoying them either at the moment. I know Im a misery.

The new hens have started to lay but have been getting into my neighbours garden so a lot of fence fixing has been required. A friend gave me a bag of eggs last week just look how pale the yolk of her egg is compared to my hens delightful efforts

On those rather depressing notes, I have a something quite pleasing that has happened, I have been asked to teach  my method of painting on a creative holiday in June at a creative community where I live. I recently wrote a kind of a book which was, going through my way of creating the paintings that I do. So I am very confident now that it will be great. We are at the moment working out a programme, with profiles, food, walks, visits etc. also, I will be getting paid.hehe. So if you would like to participate just book here haha
This is one of the paintings that I am exhibiting the end of this month about flow and water.

 We are also trying to concentrate on our vegi patch, getting it ready to plant up. I love doing this its so theraputic.
Anyway Im sure that lots more has happened since I last posted but I cannot think of anything terribly exciting to tell you, so until next time, keep well and happyX.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Love of Indian 'things'

Well I have the bug, I have a high temperature and feel a little rough round the edges today, but life must go on, animals to take care of etc etc.

 The weather today has been foul, we've had a big thunder storm, a flurry of snow and lots of rain, now the countryside is covered with a cold foggy mist, so I havent ventured further than fetching in the cat who insisted on sitting on the balcony during the storm.

Looking around my very dusty house today I realised how much I love Indian 'things'. 

Apart from curries, that we adore, and eat them at least 3 times a week, we love Indian music, one of our favourites is Ravi Shanka, who has recently passed away, and his daughter Anushka, I have a many textiles,clothes, saris, bags, some furniture, even jewellery.

 I am so attracted to the style, colours which are always so bright and cheery with wonderful decoration, also the smells of the lovely spices.

Just look at the work in these cushion covers. Fantastic some of the fabrics are old and recycled and dyed.                                                                                        

 How I would have loved to have gone to India in my younger day but, I dont think I shall make it now but one never knows.
Although Im feeling a bit under the weather my appetite has not diminished, so you can guess what we are having for dinner tonight.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

This week has been so full of lovely happy events.
 Last weekend one of our good friends celebrated her 50th birthday with a fun evening at her house, it was a small party and everyone contributed food, and as I said in my last blog I made a dessert of profiteroles, we had a great time, I bought another musical candle from the chinese shop and stuck it on the top of the cake. There is a way of lighting this candle it opens all the petals of the flower light up and it starts to play  'happy birthday' but after a few glasses or two, the unknown candle lighter (it wasnt me) didnt read the instructions and just lit the wick instead of the centre of the candle and off went the firework,the plastic petals on the flower fell off, wax flew everywhere whilst it was loudly singing' happy birthday' to you, the same thing happened at my party too, we just couldnt stop laughing and at the same time trying to stop the wax going over the profiteroles, so the candle was promptly put outside, still singing its little head off. Again the candle was the highlight of the party. My friend rang the next morning to say the candle was still chanting in the garden.

Then on Tuesday we went to another friend Albas 100th birthday, this was a big event in the small town where we live. The mayor was there and several other syndicates from Canino. They had a band and a long lunch with several courses. Alba was presented with a plaque and then waltzed with the mayor,   It was very moving and memorable, she is a fantastic, bright lady and doesnt even need spectacles.

 Thursday, during the day we went to lake for a coffee, then called by to see a friend who had arrived from England, then did some shopping, in the evening we went to dinner with some of our Norwegian friends who have a holiday home here in Canino, that too was a beautiful evening.
Friday my husband thought he had a hangover because we were drinking 'rough wine' made by the locals, but later that morning he realised he had come down with influenza so I have been very busy nursing the patient (haha) thank goodness he isnt a woman, he could never multitask. I realised too that it was easier to keep in in bed and pop in time to time.
Today he is feeling a lot better and I  have now got a sore throat and am desperately fighting getting anything.

We were supposed to go to my daughters to lunch today as my grandson who has been working in London

is home for a holiday, but we decided not to go as we didnt want to spread any illness etc. So much for a busy week,
 Im looking forward for much quieter one next week.