Sunday, 10 February 2013

This week has been so full of lovely happy events.
 Last weekend one of our good friends celebrated her 50th birthday with a fun evening at her house, it was a small party and everyone contributed food, and as I said in my last blog I made a dessert of profiteroles, we had a great time, I bought another musical candle from the chinese shop and stuck it on the top of the cake. There is a way of lighting this candle it opens all the petals of the flower light up and it starts to play  'happy birthday' but after a few glasses or two, the unknown candle lighter (it wasnt me) didnt read the instructions and just lit the wick instead of the centre of the candle and off went the firework,the plastic petals on the flower fell off, wax flew everywhere whilst it was loudly singing' happy birthday' to you, the same thing happened at my party too, we just couldnt stop laughing and at the same time trying to stop the wax going over the profiteroles, so the candle was promptly put outside, still singing its little head off. Again the candle was the highlight of the party. My friend rang the next morning to say the candle was still chanting in the garden.

Then on Tuesday we went to another friend Albas 100th birthday, this was a big event in the small town where we live. The mayor was there and several other syndicates from Canino. They had a band and a long lunch with several courses. Alba was presented with a plaque and then waltzed with the mayor,   It was very moving and memorable, she is a fantastic, bright lady and doesnt even need spectacles.

 Thursday, during the day we went to lake for a coffee, then called by to see a friend who had arrived from England, then did some shopping, in the evening we went to dinner with some of our Norwegian friends who have a holiday home here in Canino, that too was a beautiful evening.
Friday my husband thought he had a hangover because we were drinking 'rough wine' made by the locals, but later that morning he realised he had come down with influenza so I have been very busy nursing the patient (haha) thank goodness he isnt a woman, he could never multitask. I realised too that it was easier to keep in in bed and pop in time to time.
Today he is feeling a lot better and I  have now got a sore throat and am desperately fighting getting anything.

We were supposed to go to my daughters to lunch today as my grandson who has been working in London

is home for a holiday, but we decided not to go as we didnt want to spread any illness etc. So much for a busy week,
 Im looking forward for much quieter one next week.

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