Sunday, 19 May 2013

Everything is growing so fast

We had a busy weekend planting and tidying up the garden,we are continuously planting our vegetables which I hope takes us through to the winter months.
My herbs have shot up so tall this year.

 Recently our big tractor broke and we have had to sell it really cheaply because it would have cost 4000 euros to fix it, so now we are going to pay someone to cut the grass in the field whenever it needs it. But at the moment the grass is growing so quickly, we like to keep it fairly short because of the snakes.

The grass was cut last week and is laying on the ground it looks pretty awful, I love to see the long grasses and wild flowers, but I suppose our and the animals safety comes first.

I could hardly see my wool studio because the grass was so tall so I do hope nothing has slithered in there, it really needs a good tidying out.

 Today we went out for lunch to a lovely restaurant in the Etruscan settlement of Vulci, before we went in we had a short walk by the little castle and the very old Roman bridge,  the sun was shining but there was a cool breeze blowing in from the sea, I forgot to take my camera as usual.

I cant wait to get back into my painting again but need to pursue the outside work while the going is good, I have now finished combing the goats wool had a good batch, trimmed their hooves,oiled their horns, but I'm not as strong or young as I used to be and was absolutely 'done for' when I'd finished.
 Im off now for a long soak before I catch up with some letter writing that I am so behind with.

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