Saturday, 14 July 2012

Yesterdays post

In yesterdays post was a package addressed to me and a lovely person that I have met on Blogger had sent me a book with 99 crochet patterns for granny squares in, isn't that wonderful? that someone that I have never met or even spoken to, has thought to send me a gift that I really needed. The book has everything in it, and amazingly, I have made one already, so watch this space, will it be a coaster or a blanket?

We still have had no rain, so I worry all the time if the goats are getting enough foliage, as there isnt a bit of green to be seen in their paddocks, I give them fresh vegetables twice a day, hay and go out stealing from trees on the roadside, my friend did say to me, that there wouldn't be much green on the mountains in Kashmir, which is true, so i should not to worry so much, but cannot help myself.

At the moment I'm painting with acrylics on a very large canvas, using acrylics is quite a new thing for me as I have in the past used oils, I am so enjoying it, I haven't felt this inspired about painting for quite a long time, so I ask myself, is it the time of the year? as I am a rather seasonal person, but it feels different this time, almost like "falling in love again". Im thinking about it all the time,  I must add though that it hasnt stopped me from playing with my knitting and crocheting which I usually do in the evenings.
 I am going to do some spinning this afternoon though as there is going to be a market next Tuesday evening where one can sell or show local goods, food, produce, etc. so I thought I will take some along just to promote what I do,(which is not much) just a nice thing to get into though.

This is a small corner of my big painting


  1. Wow Janet, the painting is coming on a treat.....don't overwork it!! xx

  2. I think I may have already!