Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Trip back from the airport

Yesterday we went to pick kilos and kilos of golden plums at a friends house, she has a beautiful house in a lovely setting, with a swimming pool, I feel a little envious of the pool, especially when it is so hot, she has a large hairy dog called Fred, I don't really know what kind of breed he is but his paws are huge,almost bigger than my little Yorkie Maggie.  When we finally arrived home there was no way I felt like making jam, so we popped them into bags and then into the freeze and went off to the market for a while.
 Later we went to the lake for an aperitif and then for a pizza in a little place by the lake, then went for a little stroll to the top of Capodimonte that overlooks such beautiful views. I realise how lucky I am to live here, as I have everything one could desire all around me, even though we haven't much money I know that I can still enjoy the love for my home, family, friends, animals and the countryside.

I am a little sad today, as my friend has returned to England after spending two very sunny weeks with us, I have so enjoyed our time together, doing all kinds of things, shopping, painting, knitting, crocheting,site seeing, eating, drinking and just sharing each others company. I shall miss her very much but will probably go to the UK some time later in the year for a few days, so will stay with her then. 

On the way back from the airport we got totally lost as we were going to a big shopping precinct on the way home, and changed our normal route, we found ourselves in a long traffic jam almost in the centre of Rome, we did finally find our way back to where we wanted to go, but it felt very strange to be in the big city again, with head to tail traffic, it was like going to the moon, my husband was very fraught and didn't stop grumbling until we had found our way, also, it was very hot and very noisy with cars honking their horns, lots of arm waving, " typical Romans." 

I have to confess though, whilst in the shopping precinct, I had to have a MacDonald's Big Mac,fries, milkshake , the lot. I'm sure they have them on the moon?????and its been so long since I had one. The nearest MacDonald's to us is miles away. I know some people don't approve and I don't care cos it was delish. I enjoyed it very very much and dont care about the fat content. haha

 Isn't it strange how one changes their personality with the environment around them, as soon as we arrived back home to the buzzing of the beetles wings, birds singing, dogs barking, goats bleating, we both felt very sleepy and relaxed, happy to be back in our little haven. Hope Alison is safely back in hers by now and do hope she has taken some of the sun back with her.

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  1. One thing i can tell you - Alison did not bring the sun back with her! I got soaked walking the dog this evening! So wet I had to drive home and then dive for the front door just in my knickers!! (not a pretty sight!!)