Monday, 9 July 2012

Slow Pace

I havent been very good at writing my blog this week as its still very hot, so not much is being done around this place, we are going at a very slow pace at the moment
I think ive actually cracked the crochet square, after 100s of attempts, Alison has helped me to achieve it though as I really am slow to kick off. It is very relaxing to do and am enjoying the whole process, maybe!!!!!!! you will see some on here one day........The picture is not my work but Alisons I persuaded her to give me it as a present. Mine is nothing like the beautiful colours in this piece.

 On Friday Alison and I went off to the hairdressers for a change in our appearance, well Alison had some streaks put into her hair which made her look very glam!!! and I had a perm and and now look like a... No!! not a cashmere in winter, but a mohair goat, its a bit on the frizzy curly side but I do hope it'll settle down and maybe I will look glam too.
The hairdressers here are very different to the ones in England, everyone that passes, pop their heads in to chat to the stylists, families, grannies arrive to say hi to mum, friends bring in the latest shop that they've just done, to show everyone, a very social place to be.

The weekend went very quickly, Saturday we went to a party in the olivetti which was fun, there were a lot of Norwegians as the hostess was from Norway, it was lovely to sit out at night and eat and drink.

Sunday we just chilled around the house and had lunch with my daughter and family.
My vegi patch is still doing fairly well despite the heat and not much watering as usual, we are still getting a mountain of marrows, which appear overnight, im using most of them for goat food, at least it is saving me buying them carrots etc. they seem to like them very much, I don't think they are enjoying the heat too much though, as they spend most of the day inside their house out of the sun, and Picasso is extra bullish, he's doing a lot of charging at Botti.

 Today we went to the beach for a few hours, there were lots of holiday makers today but the sea was wonderful and very clean. We came back for lunch of meatballs and spaghetti then siesta'd for a couple of hours. Such a hard life.


  1. I hope the book has reached you to aid in the creating of the squares. Love seeing you back writing - I know life gets way to busy.

  2. Italian post is really bad, book hasnt arrived yet, but looking forward to when it comes and can study real time, thank you so much.