Friday, 6 July 2012

Junk Trunk

After a hot trip to the market Tuesday, the week has flown by. There has been quite a lot of creativity going on around this place, but the heat slows one down so we have been very laid back about the whole thing. Alison has continued with her weaving which is coming on very nicely, and I have been continually changing the painting that I started, but I really want to be able to say "I've done enough, its finished," I think I've said this  before, but I never know when my paintings are finished and often wreck them by working them too long.

Yesterday we had a bit of a laugh when we went to dismantle the exhibition, just by the gallery there are a few communal rubbish bins and sitting beside them was a large old trunk, things were hanging out, and I immediately said 'I want it' cos I love junk. So laughing our heads off,

                                                                                                                                                We both dragged the trunk to the car like a couple of thieves, put it into the car quickly and never really looked inside just in case someone was watching us, so, after our water-colour class by the lake, on arriving home, we opened it  and hoped there would be treasure within, , but alas, all there was, was a lot of old broken frames, a nice bright red silk dressing gown sash, and 3 religious posters, copies of famous fresco's of Mary, Jesus and saints etc. I wouldn't want them on my wall, but they were nice, if you like that kind of thing, I had heard at the weekend that the local priest had been sent back to his previous place to live, as he was always late for the services and had started to collect animals that he couldn't control, he also had a sheep that he had won in a tombola in the garden of the church, so we think that the trunk was possibly his and had been moved out of his house that was nearby, and guess what???ooh there were lots of empty cigarette packets in the trunk, so I wonder if he used to have a secret ' fag or two', No I am  only joking, but the packets were in there. but I am very happy because, I have a lovely trunk, but no treasure, it will be a good place to store my dirty fleece so the moths don't start laying their eggs in it. And I do hope that the padre has settled happily into his new place and thank him for leaving his junk trunk.

This afternoon we are off to the hairdressers I haven't been for years but I did say that when my hair reached my nipples I would have a perm, so here goes, before I droop another inch or two. I do hope I don't come out looking like a poodle, or even worse a cashmere goat in winter.
 I had a perm many years ago and the back went quite straight but ear bit were like cotton wool balls stuck to my ears, it was awful so I swore I would never do it again, but am now relenting and will be a new woman by this evening, I hope!!!!!!!!!   

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