Monday, 2 July 2012

Hope the bees are ok

We had a lovely day yesterday by the lake in the morning, John went out in the canoe, Alison and I went out on a pedalo, I have never been on one in my life, it was great although Alison was steering (if thats what its called) We may have ended up on dry land if I had been doing that.
 I once went sailing alone and ended upside down in the mud bank, I got into big trouble with the club, as they had to call out the heavy mob to get the boat up the right way, hence, ive never sailed since but the pedalo and a canoe is probably more my scene.

                                                                          We went shopping this morning and have had a slow creative afternoon, as the heat is still on. 102 degrees we had 4 spots of rain this afternoon, but I hate to say it but I wish it would rain as everything is very droopy and brown. We saw the helicopter out with its water bucket on so there must have been a ground fire somewhere.

 I noticed today that the bees are still very active,  they are all over my lavender bushes,but I must add, they are the bigger bumble bees and not the smaller honey ones, which usually search for the pollen in the lavender. I did hear there was a disease that was killing off the honey bees so I hope that hasn't happened.

We are having an lazy evening in, as we are off early tomorrow to catch the train to Ladispoli market to have a rummage, we will probably come back with some wool.

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