Saturday, 3 March 2012

Romance in the garden

Isnt it strange how things change dramatically as one grows older?

Romance seem to have taken a different aspect in my life.
I used to get flowers and chocolates even perfume, but guess what I got today from my beloved? CLOCHES.

Well I suppose I asked for it, I kept saying how good it would be to try to start off our young plants under some cloches and that's what I was given.

Seriously though, YES, I know that I'm a little strange, but I really did love them and its something that I have always wanted., Although, I would have loved some chocolates and flowers too. Oh no, sorry, Im so ungrateful.

Last year my vegetable patch was very successful, I tried the Masanobu Fukuoka ( a Japanese farmer and philosopher) method, so I have been getting it ready for this years planting up, this method made things much easier than it had before, the setting up takes a bit longer but hardly any work during the rest of the year, only the planting and picking. I strongly recommend it, especially if you grow your own vegetables, etc.

I need to plan a little better this year though because we didnt seem to have much growing after November, also the very cold spell, killed all the broad bean plants, so Im sure my cloches will be very very useful.

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