Sunday, 4 March 2012

Yoghurt recipe

In between all the other jobs that I do during the week I usually make a big pot of yoghurt, it is so easy to make and we love it, especially with fruit and honey and maybe a sprinkling of muesli on the top. Im quite busy today so I will keep it short today.

My recipe for yoghurt is::::

2, 1 litre cartons of uht milk, I use the full fat milk because it's creamier, but you can use skimmed.

one small carton of natural yoghurt

I use a cast iron pot to do this as it hold the heat, but Im sure you can use anything.

Heat the milk to 41/43 degrees, turn off heat, stir in yoghurt, wrap pot cosily in a blanket and leave somewhere warm for 8 hours. Delicious.

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  1. Sounds Tasty and I miss making Yogurt. So good for you too. I do not eat the store made ones and once the farm is out of Winters Grip I will have access to milk again. Hope you had a nice bowl full for me - I like a bit of honey or date sugar..