Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sharing Creativity

I read this article recently and thought I would like to share it, I believe this article is meant for us to search and stretch ourselves in our lives, but I thought it related very much to my own creative/artistic side of my life too.

We associate creativity with the arts, but artistic creativity is only one expression of the great creative potential that we all inherently possess. In this broader sense, in line with the perspective of Buddhism, creativity could be thought of as the process of bringing forth wisdom and applying it in our particular circumstances to enhance the quality of our lives, and thus our happiness. This could include coming up with better ways of going about our daily tasks, or improving things at work or in our relationships.

Exercising our creativity often entails struggle, but the result is joy and an expanded sense of possibility. It requires us to go beyond the known, the familiar; it is the urge to explore new ground, a willingness to step outside our comfort zone.

By bringing out our creative capacities, we can begin to surmount and transform the challenges that confront us as individuals, as communities and as a global civilization.

Hope this wasnt too heavy, but this morning I went to chant with a friend who recently has recently closed her little bistro, for financial reasons, after we had finished chanting, she brought out a large box full of jars, tins and all kinds of non perishable food, said she wanted to give it to me. I was very suprised as jam etc lasts forever and I said you must keep it, you need the money, she replied, that she had enough for a few weeks and wanted to share what was left from their bistro, with the people that were important to her. I was very moved at how freely she stepped out of her comfort zone and gave that box to me, as she and her partner have no employment at the moment.

It made me realise, how often we trap ourselves with material things, believing we cannot live without them, therefore we find it difficult to let go or share. This also happens when I am working with my art, I often find it difficult to challenge myself so I stay in the comfort zone of things that I know, it would be so wonderful to have that peace, courage and freedom that passes all understanding, wouldnt it? so, I shall meditate on this while Im being creative, for, this morning was a great lesson for me. The new me (I wish) this was rather a long blog, hope it doesnt bore you.

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  1. Wonderful and not too long... Just what I needed to hear today and you are so blessed to have a dear friend who shares so easily with you during her time of uncertainity. I will be reading this one a couple more times. I know our boxes just got a bit bigger.