Monday, 12 March 2012


I really didnt want to get too behind with blogging but I seemed to have had writers block last week, nothing seemed to come into my head that I wanted to share with anyone, but I have been quite creative and tidied and cleaned out my studio again, also I sent some of the spiders off to find new homes, did some dyeing and am trying to finish my latest painting.

I have quite a few photographs to share, but today my 18 year old grand daughter arrived with 16 friends, without asking us, decided to throw a party in my daughters weekend apartment which is directly below us, we usually live a very quiet life, then suddenly there's loads of screaming teens kicking footballs around all day, and loud thumping music, I am very sorry, but I cannot tolerate too much change any more, do I sound like an old fart?. (please excuse the expression) I feel very abused and very old, I hate to spoil the young peoples fun but they have spoilt mine. So what do I do about it? Well, we asked for music not to be too loud and at 11 oclock tonight the music went on full blast and I had to flip and shut them up. So at the moment all is fairly quiet and my ears are also very hot, and I bet my name is very very black.
I wonder where their parents are this evening? probably tucked up in bed, where I would love to be. Good night everyone, hope I sleep tight.

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  1. I agree with you - where are the parents. Hope you are having the peace and quite your soul needs - I am that same way. Hope you will share pictures of the dyeing or painting - I love seeing creative folks soul speak thru their art.