Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A little depressing blog

It seems every time I start to post at the moment something happens, like the telephone rings, the dog wants a walk, etc. etc. Its been almost a month since I last wrote, and I dont really have that much exciting stuff to share with you.
The last few weeks have been very trying for me, apart from the winter blues, I have had a load of tests at the hospital which seem to take forever and we have to drive a long way, so it is like the whole days being wasted. The positive thing is, that the hospitals are fantastic here in Italy,so thorough, so I should be thankful that I am being very well cared for.

 We both had influenza which I got over fairly quickly but I have feltso tired the whole of February a little weepy and havent been sleeping terribly well, I just cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive although we had a beautiful sunny weekend we decided to have a cookout which was fun, and so nice to be outside. My Mimosa tree is now in full blossom too, such a sunny yellow.

My husband went off to Giglio a couple of weekend ago to help a friend do some work, Giglio is the island where the ship sank some time ago, he said that the ship is just about 15 metres from the land, and it was awful that lots of people catch the ferry daily just to look and take photographs of the overturned ship, it's like taking photographs of a car crash isnt it?  He said the island was very pretty with lovely views and so small but tragic, the people that live there have to look at it daily. There are 400 divers and expert worker that have been brought in to try to refloat or dismantle it. 

My goats are a very frisky at the moment, they go a little mad when they see me, charging round the field at 100 miles an hour, I have to carry a little stick because Picasso keep rearing up at me and if he gets too close tries to hook me with his horns, I do hope this will pass with the spring as I cant say Im really enjoying them either at the moment. I know Im a misery.

The new hens have started to lay but have been getting into my neighbours garden so a lot of fence fixing has been required. A friend gave me a bag of eggs last week just look how pale the yolk of her egg is compared to my hens delightful efforts

On those rather depressing notes, I have a something quite pleasing that has happened, I have been asked to teach  my method of painting on a creative holiday in June at a creative community where I live. I recently wrote a kind of a book which was, going through my way of creating the paintings that I do. So I am very confident now that it will be great. We are at the moment working out a programme, with profiles, food, walks, visits etc. also, I will be getting paid.hehe. So if you would like to participate just book here haha
This is one of the paintings that I am exhibiting the end of this month about flow and water.

 We are also trying to concentrate on our vegi patch, getting it ready to plant up. I love doing this its so theraputic.
Anyway Im sure that lots more has happened since I last posted but I cannot think of anything terribly exciting to tell you, so until next time, keep well and happyX.


  1. You mustn't be so negative!! (stern voice) Your mimosa tree is in bloom! How fabulous to have your own mimosa tree and in bloom in early March. That really is something to smile about methinks.

    Don't worry about what to tell us. Just give us a little pic of your Mimosa to remind us here in Blighty that spring is on the way.

  2. Thank you for the stern words H, thats just what I needed.
    I truly am grateful for my life, family,friends, even for those that Ive never met. xxxxx

  3. I am so very excited for your teaching adventure - sounds incredible. I agree my hens lay such dark eggs that when you see store eggs I can not imagine eating them. I too can not wait for Spring because winter has been challenging but I have been through worse but still it does not make the 5 foot high snow drifts any easier. I hope all the tests come back with a worry and I am sending you Love, Light and Healing vibes.. Hugs and hang in there...

  4. Hello - hope your well. We had a bit of spring but now it seems it might be winter again. How's the mimosa now? Hilary