Monday, 11 February 2013

Love of Indian 'things'

Well I have the bug, I have a high temperature and feel a little rough round the edges today, but life must go on, animals to take care of etc etc.

 The weather today has been foul, we've had a big thunder storm, a flurry of snow and lots of rain, now the countryside is covered with a cold foggy mist, so I havent ventured further than fetching in the cat who insisted on sitting on the balcony during the storm.

Looking around my very dusty house today I realised how much I love Indian 'things'. 

Apart from curries, that we adore, and eat them at least 3 times a week, we love Indian music, one of our favourites is Ravi Shanka, who has recently passed away, and his daughter Anushka, I have a many textiles,clothes, saris, bags, some furniture, even jewellery.

 I am so attracted to the style, colours which are always so bright and cheery with wonderful decoration, also the smells of the lovely spices.

Just look at the work in these cushion covers. Fantastic some of the fabrics are old and recycled and dyed.                                                                                        

 How I would have loved to have gone to India in my younger day but, I dont think I shall make it now but one never knows.
Although Im feeling a bit under the weather my appetite has not diminished, so you can guess what we are having for dinner tonight.


  1. Take care of yourself Dear One and Turmeric has great powers - I love your collection and I share your desire to visit... I think we can