Sunday, 9 June 2013

Thermal bath again

Still trying to catch up with myself (the story of my life) but its good, I just dont get time to do much creative stuff this time of the year and feel that something is missing in my daily routine, but there will be more time later in the year.
We have been sorting out our winter things in the house, picking up rugs and putting them away for next year  painting walls and ceilings as they were so black with soot from the fires also due to the fact that I havent used the duster very much. I hope we can muster up the enthusiasm to start on our bedroom this week, my pet hate is change over of the wardrobe here, I still seem to hang on to the things that I didnt wear this year, yes I know what they say, if you didnt wear it this year throw it, but that isnt true for me, I often find something that I loved years ago and want to wear it. But its coming on gradually

.On Friday we went to a hot therme with some friends, I really needed it as my back and hips have been giving me gip for a couple of weeks now. It was rather posh, called the Therme di Papa, it was a famous therme for the past Popes even Michealangelo went there some times. There was very hot water pumping out of the wall into a very large pool, at one end it was hot and cooler at the deep end, many people go there after operations etc. one can have massages, there were spas  and lots of sunning areas, we took a packed lunch and spent thhe whole day there, I had the most wonderful sleep that night.

The goats need to be walked daily as a wild boar has broken the fence in the extra paddock and we havent had time to buy new fencing yet.

                                                                                   This weekend my husband has been asked to be a
judge at a big music competition for young people, last night we went and it was brilliant to see young people taking part, playing their instruments in groups and solo, singing and playing with so much confidence to a large audience. The Finals are this evening where several schools of music come together, it's being held in a big new theatre near the sea, so it should be good. Im looking forward to it.
I forgot too that we went to dinner at a friends house that looks right over the lake, this photo was taken from her window, you can see the rooftops in the photograph, what a wonderful view to see every time you open the window.

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