Friday, 2 March 2012

Ive been fixing the fencing today because my dear little hens are on my balcony every morning to greet me, the reason? they love to escape their very big paddock and prefer to poo as near to the house as possible. So, I spent a couple of hours patching and mending and lo and behold, when I thought I had finished, there, behind me was a little brown escapee, so I had to go round the whole area again and check where she had come from, she had snuck out of a tiny little hole, I dont know why, they have lots of space where they live. If they are not on the balcony to say good morning to me tomorrow we will see if I did a good job or not.

This afternoon I had a go at making a willow sculpture, I didnt dare take any pics as
my husband decided to help, well, he thought he was, and it ended up looking like a Heath Robinson creation, it was turning out, nothing, like I imagined, I admit, I got quite frustrated and I chucked it across the garage, where it is still lying. Well, I think when I start to create a new sculpture I will do it quietly and not tell, 'you know who,'

I prefer to 'go alone' when Im trying something out new.

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  1. I am guessing that your hens realise that early mornings means breakfast! And breakfast means you - and a bit of fencing is probably not going to separate a determined hen from her brekky!