Thursday, 1 March 2012

Had a lovely sunny morning in a friends wonderful garden overlooking the lake, she has lots of bamboo and willow, so four of us went to cut a load for screening also I want to start making some sculptures.

Im going to start tomorrow, I thought my first one will be of a goat and then will see where I go from there, if it's successful Ive been asked to do a joint workshop making a very large sculpture, so as you can see, I am having a better time, life is strange and no-one promised us it would be easy. sometimes I really wish they had though, I didnt ask to be born, (no I didnt mean that) haha

This afternoon I have made 30 Samosas as Im off to a friend's for dinner this evening for an Indian meal, as she has just returned from a holiday there and we are going to look at the video and photo's of their trip. So that should be fun.

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  1. Your Samosas look very tasty and enjoy the time with your friend's. Someday's all we can do is put one foot in front of another and hope something good is awaiting us. Can't wait to see your sculptures.. Sending good energy your way.