Saturday, 30 June 2012

Paint and Thoughts

Having a great time with Alison being here, yesterday evening we had our Water-colour course exhibition, it was a beautiful evening and the work looked very good when it had been hung. We had a bit of a laugh because not everyone  had put there name on their work and I kept finding my painting all over the place, not that I minded though, I should be quite honored really. Not very many people attended though even though we had invited quite a few people, so we just had fun and drunk the wine and ate the nibbles. Italy was playing football last night and there was hardly a car our on the road and later when they won they were celebrating into the late hours.

Today I organised a paint workshop for us both so far we have had loads of laughs and were covered in paint, we were working outside in our bikini tops and shorts, and are going to continue later when it cools off a little.
 I have to add though Alison was the perfect student and didnt do anything that her tutor told her to do, she always does her 'own thing' but it was fun.

It is still very hot and the ground is so dry and the forecast is that it is getting even warmer over the weekend

 I've have been thinking very much about the people that live in or nearby, the big fires that are raging through Colorado at the moment and I ask everyone that reads my blog to keep them in their thoughts and prayers, it must be terrifying. We had a fire in a nearby olive grove two years ago, it wasnt on the same level but was pretty scary. So hope the rain falls there soon.

The big bad fox had one of my hens today, its strange though, because she was one of my old hens and I think she was probably in her last age, so I do hope she went quick and that the fox will feed elsewhere for a while, one of  her babies was killed over the weekend on the road just outside our gate, so maybe she needed to get her own back somehow, its a cruel world that wild animals live in, and although I feel sad about my hen I wonder if the fox feels justified and obviously isnt hungry anymore.


  1. S'cuse me, but am I seeing double here?? Is that Fibre Frenzi out there with you? Think the penny might just have dropped (clunk!)

  2. It sure is Fibre Frenzi we do everything haha even paint ourselves