Saturday, 2 February 2013

Have had a good week, I havent gone far though, we did go to the lake for a coffee on Thursday morning it was so warm and sunny, so ive done lots of painting and lots of work outside.

 I finally managed to purchase some medicine to inject my goats with, what a lot of form filling in though, just to kill a few lice, that made me really happy as I couldnt bear the thought that they were so itchy. I almost had a heart attack when I was told how much it cost though, but I shall have to cut down on the housekeeping for a few weeks. As long as they are happy, I managed to inject Picasso yesterday and am about to catch Botticelli and give him the works.

I had a busy morning making profiteroles, I'm taking them to a friends birthday dinner this evening, I made about 70, but they went a little soft after they came out of the oven and shrunk but stuffed them with cream so they looked fatter. I dont make very good desserts or even cakes so I have dressed this one up a little with chocolate and will take a thick sauce to pour over. I did eat quite a few when I was making them too, even if I say it myself, they were delicious.

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  1. love the view of the lake...brings back happy memories x