Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another beautiful day

This is a very short blog, I havent been around too much recently, i make no excuses but my life seems quite uneventful at the moment, so I didnt really want to bore anyone. Life has been as usual, chores, painting, cooking and very little cleaning.
 Our phones have been on and off for the last week too.

 The weather has been very temperamental too, we have had quite a lot of rain in short periods and lovely warm sunshine. Yesterday was so miserable, it was grey and rained the whole day, I was at the hospital for my annual check for a few hours, so it didnt bother me that much, although I find it very difficult to be colourful and creative when it is so grey, but today it was so warm and sunny we were working outside without our coats.
 We unloaded some good hay today, the last load was awful,I think my poor goats have got lice Im not sure if it is, but I am still trying to find a remedy as the vet said it was normal, but I am not happy with that.

Some good news is that I have been invited to participate in an art exhibition over the Easter period with a few other artists. So am working on 5 new canvases at the moment.

I know I put a lot of sunset pics on my blog, but this evening the sky was changing every few minutes from pinks, lavenders and purples, a perfect ending for the day.

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  1. What fab. sunsets...and your painting is wicked! I think you have found your forte.........x