Sunday, 20 January 2013

Eating too much

Oh what a weekend, my feet havent touched the ground. Unfortunately I dont seem to be able to download any pics on my blog. We left very early yesterday, for Florence, we stopped on the way for breakfast, the weather was a little grey though, but Florence was buzzing as usual. We didnt get to the Gallery of Marino Marini but wandered around the town drank coffee and cake, wondered over the Golden bridge and strolled along the river, I felt very liberated and grown up.. It was good because we know Florence quite well, so we chose where we wanted to go. Later we had a lovely lunch of soup and pasta in a tiny Trattoria, and after we then decided that we should head home,it was a long trek but was worth it.
Arriving home, my daughter and husband had arrived for the weekend so they had kept our fires going, we were very tired so settled in for the night.

We hadnt planned to do much today but the phone rang around 10 and my son in law was on the phone( he was in the flat below) he said we are all going out for lunch today, so no cooking again.
So we then decided to go off to one of the big stores in Tarquinia as they had a brilliant sale on, I bought some boots for 9Euros and two Jumpers for 7 everything in the shop was half price. When we got back we went off to the restaurant for lunch.
The restaurant we went to is one of our favourites but we dont go very often, the food they serve is typical Italian country  style, and today was the festival of St Antonio and the beginning of the Carnival period so we had the food that the shepherds ate in ancient times. I cannot even write down what we ate, because there were so many courses and I am still stuffed, and I crashed out this afternoon for a long nap. I could not believe it when my phone rang around 5 and a friend invited us over for dinner this evening, phew Im sorry but I could not eat another thing, so I politely declined. Tomorrow I shall eat only salads and give my body a treat.

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