Friday, 18 January 2013

Is the snow going to settle

When I left my art group last night, I drove home past the lake a flurry of snow had just started to come down, but by the time I had reached home it had turned into rain.
 It was my husbands birthday yesterday, but we had decided not to go out, but have some friends over tonight for dinner, so have been busy preparing this morning.
Thank goodness there is no snow, its very pretty but so stops me doing so much, fortunately the sun has been out all morning but I still have my thermals on.

At the weekend, we are up at the crack of dawn to go off on a trip to Florence, we had planned to go as a birthday treat and a surprise for my friend Alison who was coming to stay,  but unfortunately she was unable to come due to illness.
 I love Florence, it is a beautiful city, with a romantic ambiance that surrounds it. Its small enough too to get to know it quite well too. There is a wonderful gallery/museum with the works of Marino Marini, who I absolutely adore, Im not sure if it will be open but need to check as I would love to go again, I go every time I go to Florence. I havent been  able to download any pics of his sculptures or paintings, but take a look on line.
 When I lived in the UK I was in a choir and for two years we went to Florence music festival, to sing with an orchestra, it was magical.  I really would love to find a choir here, but unfortunately most of the choirs are church based and that means going to church every Sunday to sing mass, but sorry that's not for me. I love to sing all types of music.
I am unable to put any pics today, there seems to be a problem somewhere. so have a good weekend  .Jx


  1. Let me tell you - its a winter wonderland here in Blighty! And I bet Alison is in one too, because I think the South Coast had even more snow than we did here in South Northants.

  2. Boo hoo! I would love to have come to time hopefully - but thanks for the planned surprise anyway. Yes, lots of white stuff here...thank goodness I have some really good solid boots. My head is still disintegrating somewhat.....good job I didn't fly. Think I would be stone deaf by now!!