Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stop at home

It has been cold here for the last couple of days even though the sun has been in out a lot of the time, we have had heavy showers at times. Im not very good when the weather's like this as I cannot stand being shut in the house for too long.

 Even the house animals hate it. Spiky and Bailey try to get on with each other when its too cold to go out. Well, maybe for an hour or so.

 Also the goats were very grumpy yesterday, in fact Picasso actually butted me in the head when I when I bent down to collect his feeding bucket, he is usually a bully but he has never physically touched me before, so I had to give him a whack on the horns with the bucket Im afraid, I hate doing things like that, his lovely long eyelashes just blinked rapidly at me and then stood on his hind legs, towering over me, I just ignored him and he backed off. I cant be angry with him for long but I can be wary.

 I had to take a picture of our little yorkie Maggie, she loves to bury herself under the covers and this week she stayed in her bed most of the time just peeping her head out to see what was going on around her

Even the hens were staying at home most of the day, and only one egg today.

Have you ever heard of Kefir?  I was given a jar of water Kefir a few weeks ago, its a benificial probiotic bacteria.
  In a jar, you add sugar, dried fruit prune, or fig, sultanas and half of a lemon to the kefir grains fill the jar with water and let it ferment for 2 days, strain it and you end up with a pleasant tasting drink that is so good for you. The grains multiply so you can make more to give to friends etc. I have felt quite energetic since taking it.

Im off to my art group now, we are copying any famous painting that we like. I cannot say I enjoy this kind of thing I like to work big, but at least I can paint for 3 hours without any distractions.

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  1. Chee up -at least you don't live in sunny u.k.!! xx