Friday, 11 January 2013

Its Friday again

How quickly this week has flown. I actually thought it was Thursday today and I really cannot say that I have achieved much

 Although I did make some orange marmalade yesterday, and before my art group I took a walk along the lakeside.

Some years ago I did a two year course in Reflexology, with anatomy and biology, with an intensive exam at the end. I used Reflexology in my work, which was an Occupational Therapist, and specialized, working with people with learning disabilities, I also, at one point I had a private clientele.

 I really enjoyed this work, but when we moved house and area, I had to make the decision to give up my practice for lack of space, etc.and haven't really done much since, but last weekend one of my friends had a stiff neck and I suggested that I do some reflexology on her, she loved it and said her neck felt much easier. Then another friend that was present, asked me if I would give her and her husband some sessions, so I have worked 2 sessions this week and they too loved it and are coming again next week. I have earned a little money too. That's great, I must add though, that I feel very guilty taking money from friends, but they insisted and said I should start a practice.
 I am considering getting some leaflets printed and just see the response, a little extra cash would be a great help also.
Where we live there are quite a few people doing Holistic massage etc. but not Reflexology. So we shall see.
I have mixed feelings about doing this too regularly, as I desperately want to pursue my art work, Im sure it will all work out though.
We started turning over our vegi patch today and were so surprised at how beautiful the soil had become using the synergenic system, so we will continue it this year. It seems a long period since we were planting seedlings in the ground, and cant wait to start again.

This afternoon turned very cold and a storm blew in from the sea and it rained all afternoon, I did a little painting but it was freezing in my work-space so fed the goats, shut the hens up, then returned back home into my lovely warm house.

 This evening Im going to slob in front of the tele, dinner on my lap.with a glass or two, well it is Friday.

Have a good weekend everyone. J

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  1. You have got sunshine.

    I cannot tell you how grey and wet it has been here today! So dull it's hard to keep smiling.

    And I got soaked walking the dogs this morning.

    But, spring is just around the corner!