Monday, 7 January 2013

Had a really nice weekend, it was the weekend of the Befana, she's an old lady that brings good children a gift, I think she looks more like a witch than an old lady and some of toys, etc are quite frightening, The weather has been glorious with lots of warm sunshine, so Saturday was a good time to start thinking( yes I mean thinking) about some of the spring jobs that must be done. I did get some of the guest sheets out and washed them and a large duvet that I squashed into the washing machine. I then painted for a couple of hours I'm working on 3 large paintings at the moment, this one isnt finished yet, after lunch went for a walk along the lake on, surprisingly it was so quiet, we seemed to be the only people out and about. Had a lazy evening watching tele.
Sunday we were invited out for lunch by some friends as it was a holiday, there were 12 of us and had a lovely lunch of different fish courses, we even had fish ravioli which was delicious, after we all went to the beach for a walk, I really didnt want to go as I felt so tired after eating all that food and wine. One of the other guest then suggested that we went to her house later that evening for pizza, well what can I say? everyone agreed so we did too. We went home and had a little nap and fed the animals and then out again for another eating competition. I am getting so fat. Well our friend Rina is a great cook so when we arrived she was well into the pizza making and she was frying them;We had different toppings that we could add to them, I dont remember ever eating fried pizza but it was good, and guess what was for dessert? Pizza with sugar sprinkled all over.mmmmmmmmmmm it was delicious. But so many calories. But it was a lovely relaxing day and I didnt cook a thing.
Today, Monday was another bright sunny day, so I carried on doing the little chores that I am so behind with. A never-ending story.

I was asked a few months ago if I would give two little children English lessons so they came today. Its quite fun working with the little ones I really enjoyed it. We had a tea party and sang songs and danced. it was great. So far the New year has been quite organized and productive, I am still being positive and trying to keep my timetable in order, this is a great challenge for me, but am feeling content, in control and happy at the moment.

To round off the day,there was a wonderful sunset this evening too.

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  1. Jill and I are drooling at your sunset and your painting....clever girl! ps. keep the sun shining until next week .............