Friday, 4 January 2013

Love Books

What a lovely day, the sun has been so warm, in fact it was chillier in our house today. We worked outside in our shirts the whole morning until about 2.30 ,and continued  pruning the Oleanders, it was beautiful. This afternoon the sun has disappeared and its a little grey but a few hours outside made me feel good.I cut off the last rose today I think its time.

After lunch I went to check the post box, inside there was a parcel, it was a book that had traveled all the way from South Africa, it had been to so many countries before reaching me in Italy, including New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, and many more.

The idea and organization is called if  you've never heard of it, check it out on the web. 

I've been using Bookcrossing since arriving in Italy, its a brilliant idea, if you love to read, also you can register every book that you own, each book that you register is given a number so you have a personal record.
 If you really want to get involved, one of  things that you can do, is if you look into the forum part, then scroll down to the book-ring and book-ray column, there is a great idea of a Book-ring which I use all the time, if you have a book that you really don't want to part with, you can loan it out in a ring where each person that wants to read it sends it on to the next person, the book often travels around the world and is read by all kinds of people. I have made many pen friends too.
 I have also started Book-rings, I especially like to see which country it is being read. Its like a gypsy book.
 I know one has to think about the cost of postage but it is so exciting when a book that I asked for about a year ago arrived this morning. I try to limit the amount of books that I request, as I once got carried away and it cost me a loads of postage sending them on.
 Another idea is that you can also leave a book in a place somewhere and it will hopefully go travelling, books are often journalled, which it great fun, I have often left a book that I want to travel on a plane or the airport and have even left one in a church. I love it. Take a look at the site.

I do hope I havent waffled on too much and confused anyone that doesnt know about Bookcrossing, but if you need any help at any time let me know its a great thing to get involved in if you LOVE BOOKS.

Happy readingxxx

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  1. Book crossing is a great idea....trouble is that now I'm in a book club I have trouble keeping up with the you , I do love books though and have abandoned the idea of kindling in favour of the real, tactile things xx