Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Positive Me

They say its unlucky to take down Christmas decorations before Epiphany but today I took down everything and put them away for next year. So my house is back to normal, thank goodess because the cats just love the tinsel, its always strewn everywhere and Bailey was trying to eat it the other day.
I did quite a lot of cleaning today as I havent done much since before Christmas, it was very dusty and hairy as we have two wood burning fires and lots of animals around the house, it was all top show I'm afraid. But am now suffering because my back andknees are very painful but will take a hot bath and pill and return back good as new.
It was good to throw out all the bits and pieces left in the refrigerator too, it looks rather empty now, so will have to do some shopping before the weekend.

 I haven't been to the sales this year, the sales here in Italy are really genuine too.

Ive been doing a lot of thinking recently, about what I really want to do with my life, (I do this often I might add) I am loving painting again and last year I put all my notes, cutouts,tutorials, photocopies,studies, collected from the years of experience that Ive had, and come up with almost a book, but I have experimented with it, in my painting, and have come up with a painting course by using this material. The course, is not about teaching someone to paint,  but to show, that everyone has a creative side within them I intend to help to show this via paint, colour,music, drawing, dance,meditation, by doing this, will help free their creativity and overcome any fears that one would have had. I have been using this method over the last 3 months and have thoroughly enjoyed myself and look how positive I am, to be able to write this about myself and what I can do.


I am now in the process of organizing my workspace which is a little cold at the moment so I will let you know in the next few day how it is progressing. I havent yet worked out whether to do a weekly course or a holiday based one yet, I shall work on that one soon.
Well, I have to go now, usual chores, goat walking, feeding etc. but thank you for listening, I would love any feedback or help that anyone could give me, especially if you have run courses now or in the past.
Maybe I should take another photography course too my photographs are always so bad.

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