Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Back into the old routine

Back home again from my trip to the UK which was a good time with family, catching up with old friends, shopping for the things I cannot buy here in Italy, so all in all it was a successful trip.

On my return we were invited to lunch with some friends, it was a lovely warm day, we bbq'd,drank wine, had some fun trying to converse with 10 Italians, after we all went for a long walk through the olive groves, it was so relaxing after a pretty hectic week in England, it made me thankful that we made the decision to move here to Italy, even though sometimes I get a little homesick for different things, such as going to the shops in the afternoon, Cadbury's chocolate, nearby artshops, my old friends,but my lifestyle is wonderful,especially now Spring has actually arrived. I am a different person once the warmer weather starts and now I cannot wait

to explore new things to create.

I have now finished my painting which Im fairly pleased with and now I fancy doing some printmaking, although I did make some willow hearts this morning, yes I know I chop and change all the time,I even changed the colour of my painting when I arrived home. Oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My animals were all so happy to see me, Picasso is still a sexy brut, still running up on his hind legs for me, but I love him. Its strange because he doesnt seem to do this to my husband, and Im not sure if its a bad thing or not.

We have now started planting up our vegetable garden and seeds which I absolutely love to do, especially early evening time,it gives me a feeling of great satisfaction when coming back into the house,being mucky and grubby, which is a lot of the time, and then a different kind of relaxation seems to take over, it's time for showers, food, wine and wool.

I'm a very happy bunny at the moment and feel I can do whatever I want.

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