Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Last week whilst in the UK my youngest son took me out for a pub lunch, a few years ago a pub lunch was just a sandwich or something light, but we had the whole works of a huge carvery, including yorkshire puddings. Its some time since Ive eaten a yorkie, the lunch was really good and I just had to take photographs of the cakes that were there, I dont think Ive ever seen such huge cakes in my life, they were yummy.

I had a slice of the Mars bar cake (oh so many calories) but sweet-tooth lovers dream.

One of my neighbours makes lovely cakes which are usually quite plain, she's coming over one day next week and we are going to bake together so I thought that may experiment on making an extra large cake for Easter.

The weather is still beautiful and warm, we have some friends from Norway are coming over this evening and we are just going to grill some sausages on the fire outside, I do hope the temperature doesnt drop too early, I just love outside life. It must be the gypsy in my soul.

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