Sunday, 1 April 2012

BEHIND the times

Ive been a little under the weather this week, just when I didnt want to, I have loads of things that I must catch up with, one of the goats wool is starting to shed so I must get down to combing him. I also felt very motivated, but this nasty bug suddenly hit me and Ive felt like a bundle of wet washing all week, with a fairly high temperature. Thank goodness, today I feel much better and hope by tomorrow I will be back to my normal self.

This morning the magpies in our pines were at war, and one of them attacked a young fellow belonging to another pair, we thought it was one of our cats at first but we later saw that the birds were definitely to blame, the poor little bird was lying on the floor not completely dead so I brought him in and cleaned him up but he had been severely attacked on the top of his head, I left him for an hour in a box ,thinking that he may not survive, and continued to live, but decided to take him to the vet which is about 30 minutes away, they were very kind and said they weren't sure whether he would survive but would take him. I was kind of glad that I didn't have the responsibility of him, and didn't have to make any kind of decisions, but I do hope he pulls through.

I thought that while I'm sitting around, I would try to improve my blog page design, huh, something went a little wrong and now I'm afraid to do anything to it as it
went completely off last time I played around. So for the moment I will leave well alone until the fuzziness has left my head. Well that's my excuse.

Also I hope this picture makes you smile as much as it did me, this was hanging in my friends bathroom, I think it's brilliant.

My first reaction was,when I saw it , "Someone's been peeking through my keyhole".

Yes I'm certain they have, the behind is just the same size.


  1. I hope you are geeling better - I have been battling this same bug too - Hangs on longer then it has a right too. Love your lady in the bathroom - giggling.

  2. sorry about the colour scheme, will play another day to try to change it

  3. love the pic!! Hope you feel better xx