Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Fire-pit

A few years ago our family were all here for the summer, there was a lot of eating, drinking and having outside cooking etc, the children were all quite young so were just happy with playing in the fields looking for grasshoppers, building dens, sleeping in the tents, it was so different from now, where the girls have boyfriends, make- up, computers, they seem to take on a shyness, the boys only want to kick a ball around, play games on their (I think they are called) i-boxes, it is such a shame because these activities have taken over creative play, which I believe one can never forget, well I still remember quite clearly building camps, playing rounders in the street, hide and seek, I don't want to sound an old fogey but I feel very sad about the change.

That summer all the women decided to build a fire-pit I think someone said that there was a programme on the TV where a family had one. So we went out into the fields with wheelbarrows and started to collect rocks, (we have many on our land) we all joined in, the making of the circle ,that evening we all sat around the pit and cooked, even the children had sausages on sticks. They had, so did we, such a good time.

Since then, my husband has made it to be more permanent, so he built it properly as the girls one was a little skew whiff.
We have used it so much, often friends come over and we just sit or cook, watch the sun go down, look at the stars, even on chilly evenings we go out with our coats and hats on it's such an earthy thing to do.

We would like to try to build a pizza oven some time, I think that would be really good outside activity, too.

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