Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Busy day

I've had such a busy day.

After breakfast, I checked and fed the goats and the hens, all was well on that front.

I hate to shop at the weekend so I went first thing this morning for a medium size shop, as we are on a save a bit budget, at the moment. (Well, save a lot if you can).

Returned home, vacuumed the house, unpacked the shopping, did a load of washing. Then went to face my workshop/studio, that was completely in a total mess as I am now reorganizing it. I then started to re-assemble my big heavy loom.

My husband wanted to help but I said No, I know it would have ended up being a disaster, because I know where every part goes,(huh) It went really well and within half an hour it was all together except the cogs wouldn't fit on properly, I then realised that I had put the front roller on the back and had to dismantle the whole loom and start again, well, patience is virtue, so they say, after a few swear words and a btit more graft, I finally put her together again, so now, once the rest of the workshop has been put back into some kind of order, I will start to weave again.

After a quick lunch of horrible hot dogs, I fed the cats and dogs, spent an hour or so sorting out my wools into boxes and colours, another little job done. I promised myself I wouldn't let the wools get into this mess again.

I then drove out to the olivetti. Canino, where I live, is famous for its olive oil and thousands of olive trees grow here, I go most days into an area where only olive trees grow, to collect the fresh trimmings, prunings for my goats, I love it in there, its usually very peaceful and you don't see any people, I don't know why, but it brings back memories of my childhood of when we went hop-picking. (another blog)

I'm feeling very tired now and am dragging on a bit, but the fields on the way were full of poppies, they were stunning, I remember that a few years ago everyone seemed to be doing Poppies for their creative thing, paintings, embroideries, etc all had used poppies for their inspiration.

I can understand because they looked so beautiful.

I fed the boys their evening hay, collected the eggs, put the hens away for the night and finally came up to the house.
After a hot bath, I am now ready to go out for a pizza with some friends from England.

It's been such a busy day and although I feel very tired I also feel very motivated and fulfilled also at peace with myself, I must have more days like this, I feel good.

(sorry Ive put the same photo on twice, not sure how to remove it)

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  1. I am the same way - I am best when working hard and long. I hate when I have puttered at things that I can not stand back and see that I have completed something of worth. Rest up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.