Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I havent said too much so far about my pet (tongue in cheek) goats, I have two Cashmere goats, Botticcelli and Picasso, Ive had them since they were 3 months old, they were so sweet, but a year and a half on its a different story. They have grown into very strong boys and worst of all Picasso is a horrid bully, he bullies the little white one whenever food is around. Last week I went to feed them and Picasso was trying to butt Botti, but he was running around me for safety, so I picked up a stick and waved it at Pici, he then ran off but then I turned around and he was coming towards me on his hind legs as if he was dancing, well I did giggle a little at first, but then realised he was bigger than me on his hind legs. All I wanted to do was scarper, but didnt dare, so I started to roar and wave the stick like a mad woman and he finally backed off and ran into his pen. He is pretty mean and I have contacted the breeder who told me this was normal behaviour for goats but not to let them get the better of me. Haha, I must say I am a little wary but am in control.

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