Friday, 27 January 2012


We planted a tiny mimosa tree 2 years ago, we didnt think it would do very well, as it was in a small plant pot and was just about 6inches high, but it has done so well, although it seems a little early to be flowering, it is just one mass of little perfumed flowers.

Im not going to write too much today as I think, I am back on Blogger and I dont want to be disappointed if Im not. I think what I did was clicked on the above message Try the updated Blogger interface, and I could not enter my blog via Google , so if you are not too upto date with computers dont try it, it has taken me almost a week to fathom it out, and still not quite sure if I have resolved the problem. Has anyone else had this problem also the format for putting on photographs has changed, I do wish I knew more about computing.

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