Sunday, 26 February 2012


A few years ago a friend came to stay with us, as she had been having a difficult time, whilst she was here she bought me a small pack of daffodils (I'm sure they have a name but I dont know it, but they are the tiny ones) She said she was going to plant them somewhere secret and when they came out in Spring, I would think of her.

Every year since then, they have faithfully popped their little heads out of the cold ground and were planted right outside of my studio, and are delightful, yes, I think of her and all my other friends that I left behind in England and the good, caring times we had. I usually have a little snivel and remind myself how important it is to be kind, caring and thoughtful to others, especially our friends. Im not always very good at this, but I try very hard and I promise myself that I will try harder.

At the beginning of the week, the little yellow heads arrived again, after the very hot dry summer, freezing snow and icy winds, they still struggle through the hard soil, and still come out looking confident and beautiful, confirming that I must try harder and maybe I'll feel the same.

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  1. Lovely!! I think you have a kind heart and your friends knew it. You are as strong and lovely as those little flowers.