Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wool from Picasso and Botticelli

I know I keep on about the snow that Im now getting on my own nerves, but after a very difficult week with one thing and another, John and I decided to make it a good Sunday, we havent seen any human beings, except our neighbour Felicetta for 2 minutes, for almost a week. It was quite nice actually, it was almost like being on a retreat, although we did have our telephone and television, etc.

We have spent a lot of the time caring for the boys Picasso and Botticelli, making sure that their house was dry and warm, unfortunately snow blizzard had blown into every little nook and cranny, and I felt so bad, even though they had a lovely dry area, and Cashmeres live on mountain tops. I wish I didnt go on a guilt trip when it comes to my animals, anyway they are warm, dry and cosy now,

Today the sun was shining brightly but the snow was still deep and cold, we did what we had to do with all the animals and then played in the snow, built a snowman, I must say it was good fun, I hadnt laughed like I did for a while even though my body was aching and cold, it was a good time.

After a very large Sunday roast, checked out the goats again, then started to spin last years wool. I like to spin wool dirty with the lanolin in, I find it more earthy, I wash it after.

Theres nothing nicer than, not having to go out into the cold, when everything and everybody is fed and watered to relax by the fire, with your spinning wheel.


  1. Spinning and fleece look lovely...sorry about the snow!! I'm sure the boys will be fine - goats are pretty tough! I know how you feel - I had a guilt trip about a little robin, who was singing his heart out, the other freezing cold evening!

  2. I am with you - 16 years of snow drifts higher then my waist and bitter cold nights on baby watch - I so understand your desire to stay in and stay warm. Love the fleece and yarn - keeps us sane when the weather get's to us. Spring does come just not always when we would like....