Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Walking the goats

Yesterday was a bit of a hash, on Sunday I decided to do wonderful things on Monday, but then remembered I had to go to the hospital for more of my annual checks, usually I have to wait hours, even though I have an appointed time, but I went straight in, which saved me a lot of stress, I have to return for the results, but feel much better for having it over and done with, but I never got round to doing any creative work as I had planned.Somehow my creative plans had diminished. I hope they return today.

The evening was lovely and sunny, so I took the goats for a walk round the olives, as the grass and weeds are very lush at the moment, I love that couple of hours with them, they seem so relaxed and happy, the hens and cat and dog usually come along too. 

Today was lovely first thing, but about 9.30 strong winds and black clouds appeared, blowing in from the sea towards us and now its pouring with rain and very grey, I was going to meet a friend this morning, we were going to go to the market, but I think it will probably be a coffee in the bar.

Yippee I think I've mastered it. we shall see!!!! 


  1. Your blog looks fine again...lovely pic of you and the menagerie!

  2. Sounds like even in the gray day you had a great plan. I am dealing with blog issues too so hope I get it fixed. Hang in there because creative time is just around the corner.