Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stunning Vista

There doesn't seem to be much energy around this place at the moment, as it is still very hot, we are rather fortunate that when the tides turn we get an hour or two of the sea breeze which is when we usually go and sit as high up as we can, so we can laze around in that place too.

We has a lovely time last evening, we went out with our friend Roger for dinner,before he returns to the UK, to a restaurant which is situated high above the lake, during the summer they have all the tables outside, and the views of the lake were absolutely wonderful. We were given a brilliant table on the edge, so we could see the vast expanse of the lake and countryside, as the sun went down, there was also a  soft cool breeze which was fabulous. We dined as the the sun turned the sky into an artists pallet,I felt like I was in a cinema, colour was all around us. It was a wonderful evening.

I am now looking so forward, for the arrival of my very old friend, (no she's not old), she's arriving tomorrow for two week., We have been best mates for around 36 years (how time flies) We  have been through thick and thin together, even though we have lived in different countries at different times, our friendship has still continued. We have always had similar interests in creative things like textiles and art so for the next two weeks it will be wonderful for me to share with someone on my wavelength. I'm sure I will have lots to share with my blog too. 

 Tomorrow morning I am off to Capodimont to help set up an exhibition of our water-colours from the course I have been doing, so that should be fun. It hasn't been advertised, but I think its just to give us all confidence as it has been a good course.

I'm now off to steal some branches and weedy shrubs in hedgerow, for my goats I go out with my big pair of shears and just chop anything overhanging the lanes, my husband will never come with me as he said I look like a mad woman and one day will get myself arrested, the goats have unlimited hay and lots of vegetables but they love a bit of fresh tree etc. especially free stuff, they seem to have eaten all of it here. I love to see their little faces when I come down to the paddock with the branches  they charge as fast as they can to the gate bleating as loud as they can. So have a good dayxxxx

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  1. Stunning photos Janet and Roger says thank you very much for a lovely meal. We have eaten there before with Carina - brings back lovely memories xx