Friday, 26 October 2012

Trip on the lake and Spikey

A good week, the weather has been wonderful and reached the 90s yesterday.

We belong to a cultural  association that organizes different events around Lake Bolsena, provides information, festivals, checking the pollution in the water, and this year have been granted quite a bit of money for social art events, which should be good. On Wednesday morning everyone was invited to a meeting by the lake, we were taken to the big pleasure boat and were invited aboard, that took us out to one of the islands on the lake and moored in the Etruscan harbour, where we had the meeting on the boat, we were offered wine and nibbles and the weather was beautiful, and such a lovely place to have a meeting.
The little art group that I go to started again, so went and did a bit of crappy drawing, I havent drawn anything for some months now and I have to say it was hard work, but good to be back with the group.

I have also been trying to finish the outside goat/chicken sheds as big storms are supposed to be on their way in the next few days, but the goats are such a pain when work is being done in their pad, I shut them in the small paddock to keep out of my way and Picasso jumped the fence so I had to let him in eventually where he was pushing his nose and horns into everything. But have finally burnt all the old hay and straw and the sheds sprayed and clean.
Then one of my three cats Spikey (was Spicy because of her colour) she turned up on our doorstep about a year ago on a cold rainy night, and never left. (yes I know we are soft)she is a lovely natured and fun cat, she came in with a gooey face and when I looked more closely she had a huge chunk out of her face, Spikey is half feral, but loves us, food, cuddles, and hour or two on the bed or sofa and also Lilly my dog who let her suckle from her when she arrived, but, she cannot stand being in the house for very long, I knew she would be very upset going in a carrier to the vet so I wrapped her in a towel and cleaned her as much as possible (she was going crazy) and have kept her in for the last two nights,she was wailing to go out for hours, and strangely she didnt quite know how to use the litter tray, (I wont go into those details though.)She escaped this morning but has come back for lunch and scooted out again but I will put on some more antibiotic powder later when I trick her into the house again, I want to try to keep her in at night if possible for thats when the strays and nasty cats come around to fight.

We are off to a friends later for supper, I said I would take a dessert so am taking a chocolate fondue, so Im about to have a little siesta befor  the thunder starts, the sky at the moment is jet black and moving this way fast.
Will try to find time to blog, if not have a good weekend. Thank you for popping by.x

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  1. Hi - there you go. Making comfy housing for the animals and they just hinder!!

    I must say that temperatures in the 90s sound fabulous. Winter woolies are out here. Just off to walk the dogs but not looking forward to it much.