Saturday, 29 December 2012

Lifes little blessings

I decided to take a stroll into the little fishing village of Marta this morning and have a coffee in one of the bars, it was a beautiful day, how different it makes me feel when the sun shines. There were lots of people around but many of the shops and bars were closed, so I headed to a tiny little bar that sits on the edge of the lake, there was a sharp wind coming across the lake and waves were coming in over the wall and showering the road.

 I sat outside to take my coffee in the wind and sun with the spray just reaching me, it gave me a spiritual feeling, it was as though I was being sprinkled with fresh energy and a feeling of warmth inside. I thought "God or whatever we believe in, reaches out to us in so many different ways and so often we miss the moment" so I am going to try to be more meditative and mindful about my daily life in whatever I do. My life is always full of hustle and bustle, so, I am making a big effort to slow down my pace and have more of these moments.

I continued to walk along the lake after my coffee and saw a local fisherman hanging out his nets in the sun to dry, and thought how much time he must spend alone in his little boat waiting for his nets to fill. And wondered if he ever had these moments to take in the wonder and beauty that life gives us, the lake is so beautiful, so I cannot see how he couldn't have.

It all a bit of a mystery I know and I am being a bit philosophical and thoughtful, but how refreshed and energized I am feeling, I have had a nice lunch, written my blog (like a good gal)and now I  am off to walk my goats and hope to receive some more of life's blessings.

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  1. That looks so beautful.

    And you have sun! We have forgotten what sun looks like here in blighty! The only real variation on the weather is what shade of grey the sky is and what direction the rain falls in!

    Hey ho!

    Seasons greetings.