Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Getting myself organised

Ive had a rather eventful day today, I thought that it was time that I started to look at the things Ive made so far, for the market that I hope be going to in December. I've been working quite hard knitting and making,but when I put it all together there wasnt that much to show for it at all, but when I bunched it all together. the colour was inspirational, its funny too, but I was looking at some of my embroideries from the early nineties yesterday and  seem to be using the same styles and colours as I did all those years ago, I ask myself, "have I really moved on?"

I then continued to paint 4 silk scarves they looked quite good until I put them on the line to dry, there was a spotting of rain  then the dye seemed to run into a muddy faded colour, I was a little peeved because I bought the silk dyes recently and thought they would be good, also I spent all morning painting them, so I may have to bin them. Anyway, the show must go on even though we have these little hitches.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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