Wednesday, 23 November 2011

La Bella Verde

I had a wonderful time at my shared studio 'La Bella Verde' this morning, I sat outside stitching up the umpteen pairs of gloves that I have made for the mercatino. The sun was really lovely and warm, the hens were running around freely, some of the other people were working in the garden, planting new Laurel hedges, it was a perfect morning.
The synergenic vegetable plot that is there is now being worked on for the winter and the clearing of the last summer vegetable and tomatoes are being picked for bottling, dried or eaten.
On one of the trees there are several strings of brightly coloured yellow tomatoes hanging to dry in the sun, I'm not sure they will though, as the early mornings now, are quite damp and dewy, but I'm sure the birds will love them.
Its good to have times that you feel like this, I feel almost human again.


  1. Sorry about the video screen Im not sure how to delete it.