Sunday, 18 December 2011

Busy busy busy

I feel like I've been on a  roller coaster for the last two weeks, running here, there and everywhere, but this evening I'm hoping that things will begin to fall into a more tranquil mode.
Friday evening strong winds started just before we were about to go out to a dinner party and were still blowing when we arrived home very late, yesterday morning we found that the  new complete roof of our goat house had blown into our neighbours field,  luckily it was in one piece so not much damage was done to the materials.It was pretty awful as John had completed the inside too on Thursday and the goat house was so nice and cosy with seperate pens, we were both really upset, as I had to go off for the day to a market and couldnt help him, so he has spent the last two days unbolting each sheet of roofing and passing it over the fence. The goats are, at the moment, back to square one, both sharing a pen with the chickens but, they do have a roof over their heads, lots of hay and a cosy but small house and a lovely paddock to stroll around in. 

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