Friday, 9 December 2011

Rose hips

Ive been going to a course on medicinal herbs and plants and although the language is quite difficult to totally understand it is very interesting.
We have a lovely teacher called Josi, every week she has been bringing all sorts of leaves, stalks, bark, roots and grasses which we taste,nibble or drink, it has been quite a fun thing to doand some of the things we drink and eat taste awful, but they all have these marvelous cures for all kinds of things.

One interesting remedy was that one small cup of rose hip skins (im not sure if you should eat the middle as it has seeds and a hairy bit,) but, has as many vitamins as a litre of orange juice, I'm not sure if one can buy rose-hip syrup these days as it seems easier to me, but as a child I remember having it at school in semolina pudding, we used to call it 'monkey's blood'(another brain stimulating fact)haha

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