Sunday, 4 December 2011

Morrocan lunch on the beach

Although the weather is still wonderful for this time of the year, I was looking back at some of the things we did during this summer, one of the most memorable days were when we were invited to lunch with our friends who were camping at a nearby beach, it's about 40 minutes from where we live.

When we arrived on a beautiful warm day, our friend Pepe was making couscous and a Morrocan chicken dish in a tagine, which is a type of casserole with a funnel on the lid. The tagine was placed on a bbq and we all went for a swim in the sea whilst it cooked, we played around in the huge waves, it was fantastic

There were some Morrocan traders selling scarves and throws on the beach and they too, were invited by Pepe to share with us, they were thrilled to be sharing a Morrocan meal and one man even took some away with him for the evening.

After a wonder meal we all lazed away the rest of the day snoozing in the hammocks, sipping wine, and listening to John and Max playing gentle music on their guitars, I couldnt have asked for a more treasurable day and cannot wait for next summer to come.

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