Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Today is my birthday,  and the first thing I thought when I woke this morning was that I must not feel as I did yesterday, which was pretty grim.
The sun was shining brightly and had some prezzies and cards to open, friendly phone calls, a brand new day had begun.
I later took Lilly and Maggie, my dogs, to the beach for a run, the sea was such a  fantastic colour and calm, and there were very few people around.so it was so peaceful. I find the sea and the sun so healing,
I  feel I can now breathe deeply.   I think I could have possibly gotten a tan if I'd sat in the sun long enough.

 Later on my return I walked my goats out of their field for the first time for a while, they were so happy.
 To be outside makes me feel so good too.

I have also taken some cuttings from my geraniums that are still happily flowering, even the roses still have flowers blooming, so I have achieved another positive day, I do hope I can keep it up as I am going to start my creative bit tomorrow,

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