Friday, 30 December 2011


I recently met a really nice person from Hungary called Agnes, lucky for me she spoke perfect English and we hit it off immediately, she too has a passion for felt-making, and we talked about felt and wool for hours. She told me that she has made a yurt as an experiment and is going to eventually make one to live in, can you imagine?

Her work was exquisite, beautifully made, and her presentation was brilliant, it is very difficult to display textiles etc, at markets, the stalls can look quite cluttered, but she had covered large boxes in white paper and displayed very little, but very much, if you know what I mean, this looked very good, not at all like the usual market stall.
I felt a little sad for her actually, because her work was so proffessionally made, and she was at a small simple market for country people, who, I'm sure did'nt realise ones passion and the work involved in making felt and dyeing it too. I thought she should be aiming higher and selling somewhere like Liberty's or Harrods.

 I must say I admired her work very very much.
I'm sorry about the photography of this beautiful work, my camera was off colour the day I took these pics.

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